Special Event & Catering Policies

    • For non-member events, a deposit in the form of a check equivalent to the room rental is required in order to confirm the booking. Until this is received as well as a signed Banquet Event Order (BEO), the event is not confirmed. This payment and signed BEO guarantees the date and room reservation. The remaining balance of the event is due 7 days prior to the event in the form of a check. Any remaining balances after the event (i.e. beverages based on consumption, additional labor, etc.) will be due at the conclusion of the event. A credit card is also to be kept on file to be charged in the event the balance is not paid or for any damage fees. 

    • All cancellations for smaller meeting rooms (10 guests or less) must be made 10 days before the event. All cancellations for large meeting rooms (11 guests or more) must be made 30 days before the event. Cancellations made after the given deadline will result in billing of the room charges, applicable food cost and other contracted services.

    • A final guarantee of guest attendance is required 10 days before the day of your event. If we do not receive a guarantee number, the expected number may be used as a guarantee number. The Faculty Club will be prepared to serve up to 5% above the guaranteed number if needed. If the number of guests in attendance exceeds your final count, we will bill you for the total number in attendance. The final count cannot be lowered within the 10 days leading up to the event, only increased.Any and all changes to your guaranteed order received within 10 days of the scheduled event date are not guaranteed and will be subject to additional charges.

    • For Saturdays and Sundays from November- April, we require a $5,000 food and beverage minimum(excluding facility fee and tax). During Peak Season which is May-October, Saturday events require a$10,000 food and beverage minimum and Sunday events require a $7,000 food and beverage minimum (excluding service charge and tax). Weekday events, Monday through Friday, do not requirea food and beverage minimum. Local health department rulings prohibit guests from taking food and beverage from the Club, with the exception of weddings cakes and clients’ personal wine. Wines brought into The Faculty Club will have a corkage fee of $20 per 750 ml bottle

      The Faculty Club observes all national & UC Administrative holidays and reserves the right to cancel or charge a premium fee for events landing on these days.

      • Event End Times: All music must be turned off by 11:00 p.m., and all events must conclude by 11:00 p.m.
      • Open flames are allowed but must be contained within a votive or candle holder.
      • No confetti inside or outside of the building. Use of confetti will incur a $300 cleaning charge to the client.
      • With the single exception of painter's tape, no tape, staples, tacks, nails, or items can be fastened to Faculty Club walls, interior or exterior or furniture.
      • Any special lighting (i.e., up-lighting, bistro lighting, etc.) must be handled by an event lighting professional.
      • Professional DJ, Band or Music Professional is required if music is desired.
      • Any damage to property of The Faculty Club including outside Vendor's property (i.e. linen, rented chairs, tables, etc.) are subject to appropriate damage fees.
      • The Faculty Club is not responsible for any décor or personal property left behind after an event.
    • The Faculty Club observes all national and UC Berkeley administrative holidays. The Faculty Club therefore reserves the right to require agreement to special conditions before booking events on these days. If you wish to book an event on a holiday, please speak to our coordinators about premium rates and other conditions.

      The Faculty Club also reserves the right to refuse, or cancel with advanced notice, an event that is impacted by campus-wide events or special circumstances.

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