a campus haven

In a quiet, wooded glade on the Berkeley campus - close to everything but removed from the crowds and chatter - is a treasure most people know little about.

Since 1902, the Faculty Club has been a secluded retreat, luncheon club, meeting place, tavern hotel, and party facility for faculty, administrative personnel, staff, alumni, and community members closely associated with Cal. Women have enjoyed full membership benefits for decades.

The Club building is an architectural gem of Craftsman design, by architects Bernard Maybeck and John Galen Howard. It's listed internationally, as one of the finest examples of the style. The carved beams, the fireplaces, the stained glass windows all reflect Maybeck's awareness of a special northern California aesthetic that still arouses a warm response in visitors and members alike.

The Faculty Club Campaign

Help preserve a campus treasure.

The Faculty Club needs support as it prepares for the next century of service to the campus and its community. To help cover the extensive costs of restoring and preserving this beautiful facility, the Chancellor has allocated $1 million in university funds as a challenge match. The Faculty Club Board of Directors has established The Faculty Club Campaign, with the goal of raising another $2 million to cover additional renovation expenses.

We invite you to join the Chancellor, George Miller, and other generous members of the Faculty Club and UC Berkeley community and DONATE TODAY. For more details, please view The Faculty Club Campaign Pamphlet.

Additional information and details about donating are available at The Faculty Club Campaign webpage.