The government of the Club is in the hands of a Board of seven directors, elected by members.

Board of Directors

President    Ron Gronsky
Vice President   David Hodges
Membership Committee Chair   Michael Silver
Secretary-Recorder   Carol Christ
Finance Committee Chair   David Hodges
Campaign Committee    Panos Papadopoulos
Board Member
  Jack Coons
Special Events Chair   Jerry Lubenow

Finance Committee

Katalin Voros
David Hodges
Karl Pister

Membership Committee

Ron Gronsky.
David Schwoegler
Phyllis Brooks


Nominating Committee

Buford Price
Paul Richards
Jack Citrin 

Events Committee

Jerry Lubenow
Tony Adams
Donald A. ("Al") Riley

House Committee

Phyllis Brooks
Steve Finacom 
Audrey Richards 

Wine Committee

Tony Adams (chair)
Ken Ribet
Howard Mel
Ian Bailey
Fritz Tubach
Kurt Organista
Al Riley
Paul Richards
Mary Ann Mason